5 Personalities of The Moon Knight

Hi, P-assengers! How are you? We hope all of you are healthy and happy during this pandemic. Today, we want to explain about 5 personalities of the Moon Knight. A few days ago, Marvel released a new series at Disney+ called Moon Knight. The main character is Moon Knight and played by Oscar Isaac. Marvel has confirmed the Moon Knight was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moon Knight has a unique fact, that is mental health issues. He has a Dissociative Identity Disorder. So, he has many personalities in one body. Today, we will explain the 5 characters of the Moon Knight. Let’s check our explanation. 

  1. Marc Spector

Marc Spector is the original personality of Moon Knight. Marc was part of the Marine and mercenary army. So, Marc has good knowledge of combat skills. One day, he almost died because he fought with Raoul Bushman, who had better combat skills. When he almost died, he made an agreement with Khonsu (moon god from Egypt). Khonsu offered Marc to come back to his life, but Marc must be an avatar for Khonsu. Being an avatar is a hard job for Marc because he must fight crime, and it takes a lot of energy. 

  1.  Steven Grant

Steven Grant is the ordinary personality of Moon Knight. In the series, Steven is a museum employee, and he is an innocent character. Even though Steven looks like a normal person, he also impacts the success of Moon Knight itself. Steven takes a role as a public person. So, this personality is often used to attend public events.

  1. Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley is the smartest personality of Moon Knight. Jake hasn’t appeared in the series, but the rumor said he would. In the comic, Jake works as a taxi driver. Although Jake is a taxi driver, he takes a crucial role as an informant. Jake collects a lot of information to help Moon Knight fight crime. Without Jake, maybe Moon Knight would have many problems fighting crime because he doesn’t have good knowledge about his enemy.

  1. Mr. Knight

Mr. Knight is the most unique personality of Moon Knight. Mr. Knight also hasn’t appeared in the series, but he has appeared in the comic. In the comic, Mr. Knight acts as a detective consultant. Mr. Knight also has good combat skills, but he seldom uses weapons and technology to fight crime.

  1. Moon Knight

This personality has a supernatural power from Khonsu. So, Moon Knight is the strongest personality. Also, Moon Knight is the most iconic personality. Besides that magical power, Moon Knight often uses high technology for his weapon. He could easily fight bad guys with supernatural power and high technology weaponry. 

So that’s all for today’s article. We hope you can get new knowledge after reading this article. Don’t forget to watch Moon Knight at Disney+ every Wednesday. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. See you again in our next article, P-assengers!


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