6 Tips and Tricks to Get Through the 2013 Curriculum (My Version)

Aloha folks! This time I’m gonna talk about the 2013 curriculum. Most of you maybe complain about this thing. But you know what, I really enjoy it. I don’t know, but school just gets better everyday. It’s like, we can study the way we want. We can always give our opinions, and question every odd stuffs. The teachers are less in charge. I mean, the burden on your shoulder that’s always been needed to be shaken off, is finally released. Well, maybe some of you struggles to study with this curriculum. But I believe it’s just a matter of time. Or it is just you who don’t want to open your heart and mind to a new thing. But don’t worry I believe this curriculum will change you into a more open-minded person. Soooo, check out this tips and tricks from me!

1. Try to always read or Google the lesson/material that will be talked about in the next day.

Well, maybe some of you don’t have time to do this. Home works, courses, and other stuffs are still on list. But, please try. This is the only way to survive when you are trapped in a small island. To try something new. Well, although you’re not trapped in an island but still, you should try. It is actually fun to know the lesson first before the teacher tells you. It’s like you’re one step ahead, a little smarter than your classmates. Most of all, it helps a lot. You will understand better.

2. Always try to to write down any ideas or questions that pop into your mind while studying.

I think this one’s crucial. Because you often forget if you have a question or ideas. It will be such a shame, if you have an amazing idea but you.freakin.forget. And questions. maybe you don’t really care if you don’t have answers to those questions. But, if you do, you just add ONE information to your brain. At least everyday you learn something new from the problem you are curious about.

3. Try to always listen to everybody’s opinion in class.

You have to learn to listen. I think all Indonesians have to. Including me, yes. This way you can see things from other people’s perspective. And you can spot a new fact or something odd.

4. Try to speak up!

Naaah, when you spot a new fact or something odd, an argument or a question will automatically pop into your mind. When this thing happen, speak up! I know deep inside, all you need is to be heard. You have listened to people before, this time, people will listen to you. All you need is that courage to stand up and speak. And you can only gain it by trying!

5. Stop worrying too much about your scores.

This. Like seriously, stop. You’re always been chased by scores. I mean, it is school, a place to get knowledge, not scores. Just enjoy the fact that you are learning something new everyday! Besides, in this curriculum, your test score is not the only thing that matters. If you enjoy learning everyday and always try do your best, it will be reflected in your scores. Remember, this curriculum is about process. If your parents keep thinking that score is everything, try to explain this to them. Keep calm. Just like you, they need to adapt with this curriculum. If they don’t stop, ask your teacher’s help to explain to them. Or simply show this article to them. Hehehe. :)

6. Stop complaining about the new curriculum.

C’mon. I know this is what you’ve always wanted, This curriculum is all that you wanted. You don’t want to be tested on your climbing ability because simply, you’re a fish! You want to study your way. You don’t want to get 6 on you report book just because you have a stomachache during the test. You want to be heard. You don’t want to listen to a super boring teacher everyday. It’s a fresh new start! You’re just struggling to get through the transition phase. YOU REFUSE TO TRY. You simply blame it on the government. But I tell you what, YOU WILL BE OKAY. Please try to stop complaining. Don’t hurt your self by it. Besides, later in the future, I guarantee you will not find any reasons why you used to complained about it every time.

By: Putri Bunga Addini | X MIA 1 | Centurion

Ini artikel yang saya tulis pada hari Minggu, 12 Januari 2014. Saya rasa 6 poin ini perlu dilakukan terutama dalam menghadapi kurikulum baru. Artikel ini juga saya post ke blog saya.

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