April Fool’s Day: Origin and Purposes

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Have you heard about April Fool’s Day, P-assangers? You must have, because it’s one of the most popular holidays in April.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated every April 1st each year. On April Fool’s Day, people usually play pranks on others or exchange funny jokes among friends to make them laugh. The joke or prank are then usually topped off by yelling “April Fools!” to the ‘victim’ of the pranks and then running off.

It’s been a tradition in a lot of different cultures for a lot of centuries. Sadly, though, where exactly it came from hadn’t been clear for a while. Some historians believe that April Fool’s Day began when the Julian Calendar was switched to the Gregorian Claneder (the one we use now) in 1582. Because news travelled very slowly back then, some people did not receive the news and thus, did not know that the start of the new year was then January 1st, not April 1st, and thus resulting in the April Fool’s Day. This version came from France.

While some historians choose to belive the story above, others belive that April Fool’s Day was linked to the Roman holiday of Hilaria. On this day, the common people of Rome used to dress up in disguises and mock the nobility, which often got pretty mean. Yikes, wouldn’t want that now, don’t we, P-assangers?

But, why exactly do people celebrate April Fool’s Day? While the whole holiday doesn’t seem much of a significance, most people celebrate April Fool’s Day just for the fun of it. As we grow up, things in life get more and more stressful. What’s better than taking all that stress out with a good laugh around your friends and family? So, April Fool’s Day brings laughter and joy to our life while also teaching us repeatedly that a life without fun is practically meaningless, P-assangers.

 April Fool’s Day continues to be important, even after all these years. It’s important especially during this pandemic, where a lot of people had died or suffered major stress by being kept inside their houses for so long. While staying inside can be enjoyable for some people, it can also be a practical hell for others. Especially staying inside for more than a year. It shouldn’t be surprising that people can be looking very much forward to April Fool’s Day.

Well, that was very enjoyable, wasn’t it, P-assangers? We sure do hope that you find this article enlightening and refreshing. April Fool’s Day sure seem like a lot of fun. Did you celebrate it this year, P-assangers, and are you going to celebrate it next year? Well, no matter what your answer is, we hope that you’ll find yourselves healthy, happy, and safe. Bye, P-assangers! See you on our next article!


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