Breaking Down Patriarchy

Hello, P-assangers! How was your day? Hopefully, you have a good day. Today’s topic is very fascinating and important for you. 

We know that patriarchy is a social system that is harmful to women and must be broken. What should we do to break down the patriarchal system? What is the impact of patriarchy so that should be broken? Let’s discuss it!

Before we understand how to tear down the patriarchy, let’s talk about patriarchy in general. Patriarchy refers to male domination both in public or private spheres. This practice is threatening as its presence can translate to inequality and gender-based violence. Therefore, we require to understand that the patriarchy should be broken, slowly but surely. It is not necessary to elaborate wordy tips on how to do it, we believe. All we have to do is understand the notion of gender equality. Gender equality is achieved when women, men, girls, and boys have equal rights, conditions and opportunities, and the power to shape their own lives and contribute to the development of society. The generally subordinate position of power of women and girls compared with men and boys must end. 

To take down patriarchy is very challenging and it has been ongoing for generations, and it will take longer because of the hardness to eliminate that social system. However, there are some ways to push back against patriarchy. 

First of all, we have to be open-minded and accept new knowledge to develop ourselves. This is a really big part to start because learning how to smash the patriarchy is giving ourselves an opportunity to look up our behaviors too. Who knows if actually we’re against patriarchy by our usual reaction regarding this social system? So, don’t be afraid to know yourself more!

Second, challenge gender roles while respecting all expressions of gender. Gender roles are the main roles in the patriarchal order, because they structure the dynamics of power and turn them into rules and regulations. Challenge gender roles by supporting and encouraging those who want to get out of the box they have fitted before.

Last but not least, don’t let anger turn as an end goal. Clear our mind, be calm, and act with a focused mind. Anger can be used to get attention. But once the attention is obtained, we must focus on how to achieve the goals we have set, P-assangers!

These are just some ways from us to break patriarchy in our daily lives, P-assangers. Hope it helps you to take down patriarchy with our ideas! See you in the next article, P-assangers. Have a blessed day!

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