Facts about Mandalika Circuit

Hi, P-assengers, back again with PIDAS81’s article, How have you been? I hope you are all alright and in a happy mood. This article will talk about some interesting facts about the Mandalika circuit. The arrival of the Motorcycle Grand Prix champion has made the Mandalika circuit even more famous. 

Construction of this circuit has started on January 20, 2017, and opened on November 12, 2021. The circuit with a price of 1.1 trillion rupiahs has a length of 4.31 kilometers and 17 curves. Initially, this circuit was designed to have a length of 4.8 kilometers. Due to safety factors, the circuit was shortened to 4.32 kilometers with 19 turns and shrank again to 4.31 kilometers and 17 corners. The safety facilities of this circuit include a modular medical center with two helicopters, two ambulances, and three fast reaction cars. The circuit can accommodate an audience of 195,700 people. However, the circuit can only accommodate 114,000 spectators due to the pandemic. 

And here are some interesting facts about the Mandalika circuit.

  1. Circuit Mandalika grew the economy

The circuit’s existence as the main attraction in Mandalika will undoubtedly make the potential for regular automotive activities to be held in NTB every year, both on an international, regional, national, and local scale. Thus, all automotive activities will encourage local economic activities through tourism and its derivatives, such as hotels, restaurants, trade, agriculture, and light processing industries.

  1. Located in 5 super-priority destinations

No doubt Mandalika as a destination also has an exciting spectacle to watch. With views of the south coast with white sand beaches and lush green hills as a backdrop. It also has a family-friendly water park and luxury hotels and resorts.

  1. Sasak weaving pattern in the run-off area is an area on a motorsport racing track for the safety of racers. Run-off areas are usually located along with street racing circuits where drivers are likely to get off track. The run-off area is painted in a different color from the main trail. In this Mandalika circuit, the run-off area is painted with a Sasak weaving pattern to add to its beauty.

Ok P-assengers, that’s some facts about the Mandalika circuit. Thank you for reading this article, sorry if there is some misinformation or anything like that. Stay tuned for the following article.

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