Get To Know More: Sleep Paralysis

Hi, P-assengers! Back again with our article. How are you? We hope all of you are healthy and happy. Has P-assengers ever been in a situation when you are sleeping, and you can feel or see your surrounding, but you can’t move the body at all? Have you ever thought about why it happened? Does it have anything to do with supernatural things? For more information, read this article till the end! 

To easily understand sleep paralysis, we must know that our body has stages of sleep. Sleep paralysis is categorized as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM). 

NREM sleep is a stage in which the heart rate weakens, muscle activity, and brain performance slows down. NREM sleep itself has three steps. The higher the step, meaning the deeper you sleep. After these three stages, you will enter the REM sleep phase or the stage where the eyes continue to move even though they are closed. But, at that time, muscles, such as your hands and feet, could not be moved. 

This stage can be the beginning of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can occur when you accidentally wake up in the middle of REM sleep. It can result in dreams during REM sleep carried over to the real world. However, in that state, your muscles are still unable to move. For example, when you dream of something terrible and wake up accidentally. Your dream could be carried over to the real world even though all these are hallucinations due to sleep paralysis. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that sleep paralysis has nothing to do with supernatural things. Then, what is the cause? Sleep paralysis can be caused by lack of sleep, mental instability, sleeping on your back, or sleep problems from other body parts. 

Sleep paralysis is a common thing in the body’s system, although there are ways to solve it. You need not panic and try to move your body as a form of resistance forcefully. In addition, you can also avoid it with a healthy lifestyle, such as sleeping regularly and exercising regularly.

Have you ever had sleep paralysis? If P-assengers ever happen, let us know by writing your experience in the comment. So, that’s all for today’s article. We hope this article can be enjoyed and be used entirely for you. Goodbye, P-assengers!



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