Get To Know More: “World Vegan Day”

Hi, P-assengers! Back again in PIDAS’s article. As you can see in the title, today we will discuss “World Vegan Day”. Did you know what is vegan and when we can celebrate it? Keep reading this article to know more about it.

In recent days, many people are paying more attention to their health and started to be cleaner in eating. Some people also become vegan to get healthier. But what is veganism or vegan? Veganism is a stricter lifestyle than vegetarianism. People who are vegans are prohibited from consuming or using animal products to cut the exploitation of animals. For example, they cannot eat meat, eggs, dairy products, and honey, or use wool, silk, and beeswax.

Did you know there are many myths about vegans in the world that people can misunderstand? Therefore, we will share some myths and facts about vegans:

  • Vegan food is too expensive

Vegan food is not that expensive unless you buy a lot of ready-made food. Vegan food can be cheaper and healthier if you cook and buy the ingredients yourself. Like, fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans.

  • Vegans can’t get enough protein

Many people still think that the source of protein is just from animal products like meat. But, in reality, there are countless plant-based sources of protein like beans, mushrooms, soy products, and others.

  • Vegan people easily get tired and hungry

This point is related to people who still think vegan people can’t get enough protein and nutrients. It’s just about how fast your body adapts and how balanced you eat.

Now, we all know what vegan is and some information about it. But, when can we celebrate it? World Vegan Day falls on November 1st. This event was founded by the “Vegan Society”. The celebration was started on November 1st, 1994, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “The Vegan Society” in the UK.

After reading this article, what do you think about veganism, P-assengers? We hope this article can help you to get to know more about Veganism and “World Vegan Day”. So, that’s all for today’s article, P-assengers. See you in another article, P-assengers!



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