Happy World Bipolar Day!

Hello, P-assengers! How was your day? We hope it was a fantastic day for you guys. So as you can see, we will discuss some information about World Bipolar Day. Wait, what? You don’t know what bipolar is? Well, bipolar is a mental disorder characterized by extreme mood or mood changes. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder will experience excessive emotions. Although it doesn’t look harmful, this condition could be dangerous if left untreated.

So, what about World Bipolar Day? World Bipolar Day is a day that being celebrates every 30th March to raise people’s awareness of the bipolar disorder and to eliminate social stigma about it. The goal is to educate others about bipolar disorder and improve sensitivity towards them. The date itself was the same as Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. Did P-assangers know who is he? Vincent Van Gogh is a well-known painter and influential figure in the history of Western art, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So that’s the reason why we are celebrating World Bipolar Day every March 30th.

Do you know that there are several celebrities or public figures who suffer from bipolar besides Van Gogh? Those people are:

  1. Mariah Carey, the chart-topping singer
  2. Carrie Fisher, an actress well known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie franchise
  3. Bebe Rexha, the famous singer who was nominated for a Grammy
  4. Demi Lovato, singer, and actress starred in the movie Camp Rock and many more

Even though people still view bipolar disorder with a bad stigma. But, people with bipolar disorder weren’t afraid to admit their condition. That is why we have to help people with this condition to eliminate social stigma or give some information to educate and help people understand the condition.

Previously, we already told you guys that bipolar is quite a serious condition, but what exactly are the effects of bipolar disorder? If people with bipolar disorder being left untreated. It can cause a significant effect on daily life. At worst, it can cause the sufferer to commit suicide or cause problems with relationships with other people. This can result in sufferers becoming unemployed, experiencing divorce, etc. Lastly, those with late diagnosis and treatment can most likely abuse drugs. Dangerous, right?

But don’t panic, although bipolar disorder can’t be fully cured, with proper diagnosis and treatment this condition can be controlled. Doctors will do a direct examination of patients and recommend the use of special drugs or therapy to treat bipolar disorder.

What do P-assengers think about bipolar disorder? It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it? We hope after you guys read this article, you will be able to see bipolar disorder with a different lens and reduce bad social stigmas surrounding this topic. That’s all for now, P-assangers. Let’s meet in another article. Have a pleasant day, P-assengers!


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