How to Identify Red Herring Fallacy in a Dialog

Hi, P-assengers! Back again with PIDAS’s article. How are you? We hope all of you are healthy and happy during this pandemic. Today, we will tell you about the red herring fallacy. So, let’s get straight to the topic for today.

Red herring fallacy is one of the logical fallacies by diverting the conversation to another subject. The logical fallacy itself is a way of thinking that seems right, but there is a mistake in his reasoning. The logical fallacy has a lot of types, such as bandwagon, post hoc ergo propter hoc, slippery slope, ad hominem, and etc.

The red herring is a kind of red, pungent fish. The red herring fallacy can be used in either discussion or dialogue. The red herring fallacy is rarely noticed when we are discussing or dialoguing. Because of that, the red herring fallacy is often used in discussions or in dialogues. 

But, how do we identify the red herring in a dialogue? In dialogue, when someone wants to avoid a topic or a question, the person uses the red herring fallacy as the solution. Generally, a person turns it into a topic that is still relevant. Although, in reality, it has nothing to do with the main topic. In this case, we should be careful to listen to someone while switching the subject. We can respond by turning back toward our main topic or asking why the main topic was diverted. But, we should also consider the reason for the person’s use of red herring.

So that’s all for today’s article, P-assengers. We hope after reading this article you can get new knowledge. See you again in the following article, P-assengers!





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