How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block, have P-assengers ever heard that phrase? Maybe this phenomenon is unfamiliar to some of P-assengers ears, so what exactly is writer’s block? Until it’s becoming one of many nightmares for writers. So, writer’s block is a term for a condition where someone finds it difficult to write something, whether it’s a novel, short story, article, even a thesis. This psychological phenomenon can occur at any time, to anyone, and can happen over and over again with different time periods. Maybe just an hour, a few days, or maybe even months. As long as the writer’s block is still there, the author will find it difficult to finish their writing. That’s why this condition is considered to be quite irritating.

Even though it seems quite impulsive there are several things that could be the “masterminds” behind writer’s block. Such as being too perfectionist, the pressure to write something “perfect”, lack of motivation from outside and inside, and fatigue. That’s why for P-assengers who may have experienced writer’s block or who don’t want to experience it, it’s better to avoid some of these conditions.

Luckily, there are several ways we can do to solve this phase. Some of them, namely:

  1. Read someone else’s writing

Sometimes what we need when we’re stuck and don’t know what to write is to find inspiration. By reading someone else’s writings, it can enrich our vocabulary and bring up some new ideas. Besides, there are a lot of writing types that we can read, ranging from short stories, novels, poetry, rhymes, and many others. By expanding our reading types, we could also develop our abilities on writing.

  1. Freewrite

Write down whatever we think without paying attention to spelling, grammar, and structure of writing. This is known as freewriting, by throwing up everything that comes to our minds in the form of random scribbles or typing on a laptop. This can make our brains flow unconsciously, find new ideas, and streamline choked up writing.

  1. Relax your body

Relax. When we’re studying or working  for a long time, our body could feel stiff and uncomfortable. This feeling also occur when we’re writing something without any rest at all. By stretching and maybe a little bit of meditation can make not only our bodies but also our brains be a little bit relax and ready to “work” again.

  1. Find fresh air and a new atmosphere

Maybe the cause of writer’s block that we experience is by an unsightly and boring workspace. Now, that means it’s time to get out for a moment, looking for fresh air and a new atmosphere. It’s actually common for these new things to provoke some ideas.

  1. Spend some times with others

It’s not wrong to take a deep breath, look away from our laptop and exchange ideas with others. It can be with besties, friends, and family. There is no need to discuss difficult topics, just light things as a time-fillers when experiencing writer’s block. Who knows, maybe by exchanging our thoughts, we could get some kind of insight and the right topic for our writing.

  1. Stop writing and take a short break

As we know one of the causes of writer’s block is fatigue. So it is useless to continue to force our brains to think when they run out of energy. There is nothing wrong with it, really, to stop writing and take a short break. In fact, if we force ourselves to write “perfectly” it can produce unsatisfactory works, it may lead to another problem. That is why this is important, by taking some breaks our brain will be fresher and ready to continue writing.

So, what do you think, P-assengers? Have P-assengers ever experienced writer’s block? Or maybe this phenomenon has happened a lot? Now, there’s no need to worry and panic when this nightmare comes. Because some of the methods that have been given earlier can help P-assengers to get through this phase. Lastly, see you later and have a lovely day, P-assengers!

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