How to Treat Animals with Kindness

Hello P-assengers! How are you today? I hope you have a great day. We can not only be friends with fellow humans, but we can also be good friends with other living beings. One of them is the animals around us. Pets such as cats and dogs and wild animals such as lions or alligators deserve human kindness. Therefore, we should not discriminate against animals in this world.

And now PIDAS81 will explain to you ‘How to Treat Animals with Kindness.’ If you want to keep a pet, you must ensure that you can take care of it. Don’t take care of it just because of the animal’s attractiveness, but also because you love it with all of your heart. Not only give your pet food and drink but also play and provide good facilities for your pet, so that they are comfortable and can love you back.

Not only pets but other wild animals must also be treated well. The first way is to learn how to handle these animals, such as which areas they like and don’t like, what foods they eat and what they can’t eat, and also give them comfort by not disturbing them, so they don’t feel threatened. So what do we do if we meet a wild animal? 

  1. Do not feed carelessly, as previously explained that we must learn about animals such as their food, how to handle them and others,
  2. Keep calm and don’t startle them or feel threatened by your presence,
  3. If it’s not possible, you can still enjoy their presence by simply seeing them from a distance, such as using a telescope or capturing them with a camera, but remember not to use flash because it will make animals panic or be afraid,
  4. Make a kind of place for animals around your house, such as a pond that birds, dragonflies, even ducks can later visit. Or a garden where beautiful insects can later be too,
  5. If you see an injured animal, immediately take it to the nearest vet, or you can handle it by giving first aid,
  6. And if any wild animals like lions, snakes, bears enter your yard, don’t panic and don’t attack them! Because you only make them feel threatened and attack you back, which is very dangerous to your south and those around you. It’s better if you immediately contact the police or fire department.

If you respect the animals around you and treat them well, you will also be respected and treated well by the people around you. Because what you do will be a boomerang for yourself, for that do good to fellow living beings. 

So that’s our article for today, how about that? Hope you like it and hope this article is helpful for all of you! See you in the next article! Bye-bye P-assengers!


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