Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Hello, P-assangers! Welcome back with our weekly article. Today, we’ll bring ‘Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice’ to be our topic. P-assangers probably already heard the two terms throughout your lifetime, right? One side seems occupied with women’s rights, while the other is related to saving babies. Both terms are often oversimplified, leading one party to believe in a major misconception about the other. Regarding this, please read this article carefully until
the end in order to avoid misunderstanding and choose your party, P-assangers!

Let’s start with the meaning of pro-life. Someone who claims to be pro-life is a person who believes that everyone is created equally, regardless of size, education, and degree of dependency. The term pro-life was born from the abortion wars in the 1970s. The pro-life movement has grown into a thriving community of those facing political problems with the mindset that all human life is precious. Whether you are a preborn, newborn, elderly, or have a disability and special needs, your life is important. Pro-life strongly opposes abortion because it is called an act of murder.

How about pro-choice? Pro-choice is a belief that every woman should be endowed with the right to her own life and body. Thus, denying an abortion on a woman is denying her right to bodily autonomy. They believe that every woman has a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies. The reason is, not all pregnancies are wanted and not everyone is able to raise a child. They assume that children who will be born into the world have the right to be happy and be facilitated morally by their parents.

In our own country, Indonesia, many abortion cases can be found, P-assangers. One common case is underage pregnancy. Many children don’t even know they are pregnant and don’t know that the treatment they have done is taboo. This lack of sexual education can bring harm to children and lead to a lack of care for one’s own vital organs. Since most reason behind abortion is unintended pregnancy, we should spread awareness about this problem through prevention, e.g., sex education, contraception usage to prevent unintended pregnancy, family planning service, etc. P-assangers can search for further prevention through social media.

The ‘Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice’ debate is indeed a complex issue and has many reasons behind them. However, one thing that P-assangers should know is, we mustn’t underestimate either party and must remain respectful of different opinions among each party. Therefore, PIDAS81 also recommends further research before P-assangers decide which party you agree with. This could be through interviews with abortion survivors, documentaries, and other valid information via online searching. See you again in the next article, P-assangers!


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