Productive Things to Do While in Quarantine

Hi P-assangers, as you all know, we are in the middle of a pandemic, specifically COVID-19. Because of this unfortunate condition, we have to stay at home so we won’t get infected with the virus. A lot of adults are working while their children are studying, both from their house. In this kind of situation, we do all of our activities at home. If we have to go outside for something urgent, we must obey a lot of strict rules. Between all of those rules, the most important is keeping our distance. We must follow those rules so the COVID-19 spread chain won’t get bigger.

Although we’ve obeyed what the government tells us to prevent COVID-19, we’re getting infected by another virus too. What is it? Well, the answer is boredom. Yes, boredom is one of the things that people dislike. Unfortunately, dullness and a lot of spare time are causing many people to use their time doing something useless and even cause problems.

Now, instead of doing rude things, we should do positive and useful activities. What can we do? There are a lot of things. This time, I will discuss what productivities that we can do during this time.

  1. Learn new things!

Regardless of age, it’s never too late. If you guys want to learn or try new skills that you’ve never tried before, this kind of moment is a golden opportunity to try those kinds of stuff. No need to be difficult, anything that you want to learn is available on the internet, books, or even some online courses. During this time, those courses are practical, so we don’t have to go outside.

  1. Start a business

This one is a continuation of the first point. Don’t just sit down and relax! We can take this moment as an opportunity to start a business by using those new talents. Take an example from my experience. I love to knit. Previously, I have learned it. Now, I can make various kinds of knitting. Then I’ll sell them online. By starting a new business, we’ll get a lot of valuable experience.

  1. Do some physical exercises

This one is pretty important. When we’re at home, mostly become lazy. Either stay in front of the laptop all day long or sleep and watch TV. Well, this is bad because we eat as usual, but less fat got burned. By exercising every day, we can keep our bodies fit. “Exercising” here doesn’t mean that we have to do extreme sports. It’s enough to do some stretching and some light movement. These light exercise can keep you healthy.

  1. Keep in touch with some relatives

There is a positive side to this quarantine; a lot of free time at home. We can use this to be closer to other family members. It’s perfect for those who was a workaholic. While enjoying time at home, we could get to know them better. Additionally, we could communicate with old friends virtually. In this way, we can also let go of all the longings and sharpen our communication skills.

  1. Increase our prayers

Of course, we need to strengthen our relationship with God too. With an abundance of time at home, we can increase our worship and become more focused on praying without any distractions. These times are very crucial. That’s why increasing our worship is the best way to “distract” our minds. It will be calmer. And our hearts will be unshakable to face difficulties. It is necessary to remember that we have to do these activities at home, just as what the government told us to do.

  1. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal or diary here means that we could write down what we did and what we thought on that day in some kinds of books, privately on our computers, or even record our voice. All of those journals will be “perfectly” saved and become memories. So, when this pandemic is over, we could look back at the journal and reprocess those times. That way, we can make these experiences as lessons in the future.

Last but not least, don’t just sit there and read this whole article! Get started with some of these activities right away and also you could try something else outside this list, but make sure those activities are productive and bring a positive impact. That’s all from me, P-assangers. I hope we’ll meet again later! Have a great day!

This article was written by Nadine Sakura Z.

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