Productivity During The Pandemic

Hello, P-assengers! Back again with PIDAS article, who will tell you much new positive information. As the title above, we will discuss productivity during this pandemic. Maybe all of you have already been familiar with this word. Especially during this pandemic, we are always required to stay productive even at home. However, to know more about productivity, let’s discuss it in this article.

Productivity is a loan word from an English word. Productivity itself comes from a combination of two words, namely product and activity. Quoted from the Cambridge page dictionary, productivity means a form of activity to produce a product or service.

However, how to stay productive during a pandemic? Well, surely P-assengers are confused about how to do it. Therefore, PIDAS will share tips on how to stay productive during the pandemic:

1. Make a Schedule

Making a schedule of daily activities is very useful for staying productive during a pandemic. Because for people who find it difficult to divide time and are less productive, schedules can make us more focused on getting work done and being productive during a day.

2. Find a Comfortable Place

Finding a comfortable place to work or study during a pandemic has a huge impact on a person’s mood and productivity. An uncomfortable place will make us lazy to do something.

3. Discipline with Time

In this context, P-assengers must be able to divide the time according to the schedule. So as not to leave important tasks by wasting time, such as playing mobile phones.

4. Exercise Regularly

Doing exercise regularly can improve mood after tired from doing work. Exercise is something that must be done to increase the body’s immunity during a pandemic. Even before the pandemic, schools had routinely applied 1-2 times a week for health. In addition, regular exercise can be used as an activity that forces us not to be lazy to move. So, exercise is highly recommended for P-assengers to do it.

How about the explanation above, P-assengers? Now, P-assengers know how we can stay productive during the pandemic. So that’s all for today’s article, we hope this article can be useful for all of you. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. See you again in the next article, P-assengers!


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