Say Goodbye to Energy Vampire!

What do P-assengers have in mind if we mention ‘Vampires’? We are sure most of you will answer it as a myth or fictional character. However, vampires exist in reality, but we aren’t aware of them. Nevertheless, these vampires are different. We call them ‘Energy Vampires.’ Then, what are they? How to spot energy vampires in our life? Worry no more. We’ll explore this topic more intensely.

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — zap your emotional energy. They can be anyone, either your partner or best friend. Energy vampires often target those who are sensitive and compassionate — and likely offer you a listening ear. Learning how to spot them can help you preserve your energy. Let us tell you more about the sign of energy vampires:

  1. They’re cunning and blame others for the problems of their own;
  2. They’re dramatic;
  3. They never like to be outdone and aren’t keen to share the spotlight; 
  4. They’ll shift the attention of the discussion to themselves; and
  5. They’re seeking support to boost up their self-esteem.

Let’s move to the next step. You previously learned the sign of energy vampires, and now, it’s time for you to deal with them. We wish to provide you some tips on how to do it. All you have to do is sit tight and read carefully.

  1. Hang out in groups of three or more;
  2. Provide a listening ear;
  3. Stick to light topics;
  4. Limit your contact as much as you can; and
  5. Cut them away from your presence.

PIDAS thinks that information is all enough for today. Hope it helps you to spot and ditch energy vampires around you. Be aware of their existence for your goodness sake. We’ll see you in our next articles! Adieu~

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