Seaspiracy: A Propaganda or Strict Warning?

Hi, P-assangers! How are you guys doing? I hope you are doing well. Okay, I bet u guys know about Netflix. And, do u guys like to eat sushi? Or other kinds of seafood? Wait, maybe you will be curious why I have to ask these questions and what the correlation with today’s topic? Let’s discuss it!

‘Seaspiracy’ is a documentary film by Netflix, specifically this film made by Ali Tabrizi. This film that was made in 2021, tells us about the dangerous impact of the fishing industry that we always do, for the marine ecosystem, the earth, especially our future.

But this film does not immediately make people have one mind with the filmmaker, Ali. Public opinion on this film divides into two camps. Some assume that this film is just propaganda, while others believe that this film is a strict warning.

People think that film is just propaganda from the vegans in a’ propaganda’ opinion. We already know those vegan people that don’t consume foods like meats, fishes, or anything else from animals. Exactly, with that pattern of life like that, the vegans will love to do things that aim is to stop the torture or consumption of animals. Therefore, many people believe that this film is just propaganda or a marketing strategy that indirectly invites people to become vegan.

Otherwise, people who believe that’s a strict warning for us to begin reducing our fish consumption in our lifestyles. The fishing industry is moving because of the consumption of fish which is very influential in human life, it is possible to say that it is extremely difficult to stop it. However, if it happens continuously, it will be fatal, which is that our ocean will empty in 2048, which means we will be out of fish and won’t be able to consume seafood again in 2048. That’s it, P-assangers. pretty creepy, huh?

But, for the accuracy of the statement given by this film, the clarity is still questionable. Because some agree with that statement, but many also disagree with that statement and consider it only as propaganda.

What do you think, P-assangers? Are you on the ‘propaganda’ team or the ‘strict warning’ team? Whatever opinion you have, I hope you guys still have a sense of care for our dear earth. That’s all for today, hopefully, it’s useful for your knowledge. Have a nice day, P-assangers.


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