SMARTER Goals: The Way of Setting Goals

Hi, P-assengers! How are you? We hope all of you are healthy and happy during this pandemic. Have you ever set goals? When we want to set our goals, we can’t just write our goals just like that. We should use some rules that can guide us to reach our goals nicely. The rules are called SMARTER goals.

SMARTER goals stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based, evaluative, and rewarding. This rule has been researched since 1968 by Latham and Locke. According to their past research, people who set their goals systematically are better than those who don’t. Goal setting is important to directing well-structured results and processes.

Now, we will explain SMARTER goals in a simple paragraph. First, our goals must be specific. We can set our goals specifically by asking ourselves with 5W (What, Why, Where, Who, and Which). Second, our goals must be measurable. We can set our goals measurably by asking ourselves about the quantity standard of our goals. Third, we must set goals that are attainable to our condition and potency. Fourth, our goals must be relevant to our interests and abilities. We can set the goals that are relevant to us by asking ourselves about our readiness. Fifth, we must set time while we will set our goals (time-based), so our goals are more focused. Sixth, we must evaluate our process to reach our goals. Lastly, we must reward our bodies as motivation after we reach our goals.

If we have planned our goals well, we can easily reach our goals. But, we must commit while we reach our goals. So that’s all for today’s article, we hope after reading this article you can easily set and reach your goals. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. See you again in the next article, P-assengers!

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