Songs to Make You Feel Like the Main Character

Hello, P-assangers! Welcome back with our newest article today! It’s good to see P-assangers having a good day. Don’t worry, PIDAS81 will bring up your mood to the maximum with our article. This article will make P-assangers fantasize being a main character of a song and of course it will relate for some condition! We will give you an article about ‘Songs to Make You Feel Like the Main Character’ now on!

  1. Ribs –  Lorde


This song describes about feeling of being with your friends for so long time and having such a good time that you don’t ever want to leave. PIDAS81 thinks, everyone has at least one close friend. It will be better for keeping our friends stay with us and be happy with them. It is a good song to cheer you up and for being grateful because you have good friend.

  1. A Letter to My Younger Self – Quinn XCII (feat. Logic)

a letter to my younger self

Who wouldn’t want the chance to fix our mistakes and tell their younger selves to appreciate what they’ve now lost? PIDAS81 bet P-assangers want it too, right? Quinn XCII explains the desire to go back and comfort his younger self, who was wrapped up in meaningless stress and insecurity. Hear this song and keep fantasize!

  1. Betty –  Taylor Swift


This song tells about feeling of finding your first love and navigating everything that happens with them. “Betty” tells that miscommunication is happening, and things are not as black and white as the beginning of a relationship. Whether it’s a love from high school like Taylor Swift describes or something totally different, this song summarizes those memories.

  1. Growing Pains – COIN

growing pains

P-assangers, it’s okay to feel panicked or confused, it’s normal. t’s okay not to know what will be happening in the future. It’s okay to be afraid of getting old. Growing up is an universal theme and it is in every film and book. Listen to this to summarize the theme!

  1. Are You Bored Yet? – Wallows (feat. Clairo)

are you bored yet

This popular TikTok bop will make P-assangers imagine  the scene in a movie when the main character is on their way to a party and jamming with their friends. PIDAS81’s think people who hear this song will keep the volume’s high and sing at the top of their lungs!

So, That’s all, P-assangers! PIDAS81’s hope you will listen to this song and feel the fantasy of being a main character. See you on PIDAS81’s next article!

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