Stop Drama, Start Dreaming

A dream is a wish your heart makes, they said. Unfortunately, my mind has been soaked in a glaze of false façade. You know, what growing up in a public school feels like. Moreover, if you have a well-being parents with engineering major. The pressure is real, now. I think, a dream is just a dream, no more than a hallucination. Eventhough we had been thought about dreaming big since kindergarten, but are we doing our hopes? The answer is not exactly no, but just not straight away. However, welcome to the lovely peaceful country, Indonesia.

Me, as a full-time dreamer, I have surrounded by dreams since then. You might think that our dreams are not always received well. For example, Claire wanted to be a Biology teacher someday, but she had to take all the lessons at school. Yes, going back to the first problem, public school. I suddenly remembered, how my life was. Raqida, a tiny little baby who had just landed on earth from her mom’s tummy. What a very, very pleasing crying sound from the crybaby. They then agreed to name her Raqida Kilamahia, in Arabic it means an Alpha female who is respected. The parents hoped for me, Raqida, to be a leader in the upcoming era, well at least a leader for myself, I guess. They could not forget that 3rd September in 2001, their second baby was born.

In the age of 2 years old (approximately 3 months to 3 years old), Raqida joined a pre-kindergarten school, whereas the playing time is all the time, duh. The teacher always asked, “what is your goals?” “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” I was confused there, thinking about what dream is, and what goal is. As all my friends answered doctor, no wonder if I said doctor too. All I thought was being a doctor, a truly angel job everybody wanted. You could help people with a visible behavior by being a doctor. Doctor was the best job, I thought. However, Raqida still had her phobia of blood how come she could be a doctor. Moving on to three years later, mother put me into singing, swimming, drawing, English, and ballet dancing courses. Ended up, I quit my singing course. Despite of that, I am still a bathroom-singer. At that time, the 5 years old Raqida had never been confused because she took so many courses which had blown away her mind. For instance, swimming could make you a great athlete, drawing could make you an artist, English could make you a great writer, also ballet could make you a beautiful ballerina. Do not forget, I still had school where I studied much. After all, mother said, “if you have skills, every job would open their vacancy for you,”.  I enjoyed every course with all the heart, eventhough I had no idea why did I do such things.

4 years later, I could do my courses well. Parents joined me in some competitions. So, what about that doctor thing? Gone, actually. At that time, my goals had changed. I wanted to be an artist. From all of my hobbies, I liked drawing so much. I continued to draw and won a couple competitions, once I got the favorite winner in a national competition. Everybody was pleasing, and I were too. Entering junior high, it was a big difference for me. Raqida, a student from private school who went into junior high public school. She  went back and thought, “what am I gonna do here? With all these not-so-kind students,”. As time went by, I started having best friends who supported me that much. Yeah, I realized public school was not that happy. In fact, public school was really strict. It was for our discipline, they said so. Also the homework, totally frustrating. At this point, Raqida was too curious that she searched for another hobby. Turned out I enjoyed designing clothes, and was not really care about school. Eventually, I changed my dream again, I wanted to be a fashion designer, I thought. As we went along, parents put me back into public school for my senior high. It was for my college, they said. However, I really enjoyed taking and editing videos until now that I joined PIDAS, an extracurricular where you could embrace and develop your skills in journalism. However, while I enjoyed these 2 activities; editing videos and designing clothes, parents pursued me to take architecture major in college. Actually, I wanted to take food science, or fashion design, or at least visual design. Nonetheless, parents are important in making decision. Let your little heart choose, yourself is the best mirror you have, your parents are your leader, and God who set it all. So, in case you don’t know, Raqida’s journey about her dreams, goals, destination, future job, and career, has just begun, right now.

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