Street Harassment in Metropolis, Catcalling

Hello P-assengers! Nice to meet you again in another PIDAS’s weekly article. I wish you health, happiness and happiness. In this article, PIDAS 81 will discuss everything about catcall. So stay tuned!

Before we start, do you know what catcall or catcalling is? Catcalling is verbal abuse against men or women. This catcalling is often experienced by women. Many cases in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, and so on have this catcalling problem. Now the definition of catcalling itself is men’s comments against women in public places on the grounds of praise, such as admiration for women who were there at that time, even though that person did not know her at all.

Why is this catcalling included in the abuse of women? Well, it’s because the man says obscene words to women, sometimes someone touches certain parts of the body. It is more aimed at seeking attention to women, hoping that men will get a response from her. In addition to words, catcalling can also take the form of whistling and glancing overtones. One example of catcalling words under the guise of praise is like “you are beautiful” or it could be “hello beautiful.” This can make a woman fear and also feel threatened as if she is being bullied.

Catcalling is often associated with clothes or open styles of women’s clothing so that men think that women are looking for men’s attention. There are journals that state that closed countries (wearing the veil) such as Egypt and Lebanon, do not escape catcalling. In other words, the link between catcalling and stereotyping the way women dress only makes it justify the dirty brains in catcalling actors.

Now that you all know the meaning and reason why catcalling can be called harassment. Hence, let’s discuss 4 types of catcalling that commonly occur in everyday life. 

  1. Well-Intentioned 

Catcall happens a lot on the streets. This type of catcall will say sweet things like “You’re beautiful” or something similar to compliments.

  1. Give Advice

This form of catcall is the most annoying. Because the people will act as if they understand what the victim is feeling by saying “Smile” or “Don’t look sad”. Even though it may be that the victim is feeling depressed or there is a problem that makes him unable to smile at that time. This may cause the victim to feel uncomfortable with the comment.

  1. Noise Maker

Catcalling in this form usually to be done in groups to victims who are walking on foot. Examples of this form are whistling, honking, or shouting which is certainly very disturbing.

  1. Pretending to Be Good

As the name mentions, in this type of catcalling, they do good things like offering home or dropping off somewhere. But if we refuse the offer they will follow us and order on accepting their offer.

We are sure if you experience this you will feel very uncomfortable and even the worst effects can be depressing. Therefore, here we will provide a way to deal with catcalling.

  1. Avoid the male hordes by the side of the road
  2. Stop and keep them, here show that you are not afraid of them
  3. Answer briefly then leave, assume they don’t exist because they would be happier to see an overreaction
  4. Answer firmly and confidently, say “Stop catcalling because it is harassment”

Those are all articles that PIDAS can provide you today. We hope this article can help you to be more aware of catcalling and know how to face it. So see you in our next article, P-assangers! Goodbye~



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