The Pomodoro Technique: An Efficient Time Management

Hello, P-assangers! Back again with PIDAS. In today’s article, we will share with you some information about “The Pomodoro Technique”. We think all of you already know or maybe heard about this kind of study technique because it’s been quite famous during this pandemic era. But, are you guys know how people find this technique? If P-assangers want to know more about this. Don’t forget to read this article until the end, P-assangers!

The Pomodoro technique is a learning technique created by Francesco Cirillo when he was still in college. At that time, he was confused as to why it was so difficult to focus on his studies. Until he realized that he needed a way to divide the time interval between study and rest to stay focused on studying. This is where the Pomodoro technique comes from. 

The word Pomodoro itself comes from the Italian language, which means tomato. But, why is it being named by Pomodoro? Because at first, he used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato to set the time. Isn’t that an adorable name, P-assangers?

Now, we all know about how Pomodoro was founded and why it was named Pomodoro. But, do P-assengers know how to do Pomodoro? Let’s continue our discussion!

How to do the Pomodoro technique:

  1. Make a to-do list, this will help remind you of the tasks and which ones to prioritize;
  2. Set the timer for 25 minutes, in this step P-assangers can use the phone timer;
  3. Do your job properly, during this step you need to be very focused, and it is forbidden to look at your phone;
  4. Stop, if the timer has sounded you must stop all work even though it is not finished;
  5. Take a break, you can set a timer for about 3-5 minutes to rest;
  6. Repeat, do up to 4 times;
  7. Take longer breaks, in this step you can spend about 15-30 minutes.

Maybe some P-assengers will think that their activities are very limited or even like being imprisoned when doing this Pomodoro technique. However, there is a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, so try to find out how it works in P-assangers and look what we get from it. Besides that, there are many benefits you can get from this technique like being focused on your task, reduce your multi-tasking habit, being more productive, and many others.

PIDAS considers this article to be enough to make P-assangers more familiar with the Pomodoro technique. So, let’s end this article here, P-assangers. That’s all article that PIDAS can provide to P-assangers for today. We hope P-assangers will like this article and can be useful for you. So, let’s meet in another article, P-assangers, Goodbye~



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