Things You Can Do to Cope with Boredom

Hi P-assengers. How are you doing? I hope you’re in the best condition today. This time, I will discuss what things you can do to deal with boredom.

This feeling can come to us every single time. Now, I want you to imagine that you’re in a math class with a very boring teacher. Additionally, you hate her. What will you feel? You must be bored. That’s just an example that happens in real life.

Right now, the condition out there is a mess. That mighty virus is affecting our daily life. As a student, we can’t go to school and greet our friends. We have to study from home. For the newbie, they haven’t seen their friends directly. They can’t go outside to greet their friends. If it is possible, it wouldn’t be exciting. They have to keep their distance and wear a mask. How tragic it is! Consequently, we may feel upset. Eventually, we’ll feel bored.

Now, I will tell you some activities that you can do to cope with boredom without leaving your house.

Hobbies to talents.

Each of us must have a hobby. It’s weird if we don’t have any. This hobby can develop into talent, but it needs a process. For those who haven’t found their talent, don’t give up! Because every human is born with their uniqueness and specialty. You have to practice a lot. If you’ve already found your talent, keep going. It stays you away from boredom.

Keep in touch with the loved one. 

Keeping our relationship is better than doing nothing while we’re bored. Sometimes, loneliness can cause boredom. Speaking and playing with the loved one will excite you. Say goodbye to boredom!

House chore is a must!

Usually, you’ll feel bored when you don’t have any activity. You can try to water the plants or try to wipe the windows. Those basic chores can make you busy. Finally, you’ll be excited and energized.

Studying is fun, though.

For those who like to study, it suits you. You can try to learn new things before your friends will. If you have studied earlier, it’ll be much easier for you to understand what your teacher will teach you.

In this case, the word study doesn’t always refer to a book. In this pandemic era, we can join a lot of webinars, which is very useful. Commonly, we don’t have to spend any single money to join it. Interesting, right?

Exercising is important.

Exercising can release your boredom. Besides, this one is very crucial. We need to keep our body fit. If it’s healthy, it means that our body can fight this virus. You have to do this regularly. It’s very beneficial.

Introverts to extroverts. 

When we’re bored, we tend to open Instagram. For introverts out there, why don’t you use that opportunity to become an extrovert? You can use the Live feature to socialize with each other. You can be famous too. You can practice speaking with little feedback from the audience. That’s why it could be an effective way to train your speaking skill, and it can change you to be an extrovert. But, it needs a process, though.

Music can heal you.

What kind of person who says music is boring? Of course, music stimulates us. According to research, music can stay us away from stress and boredom. The rhythm, the lyrics, the beat, and other components that build the song up will heal us from boredom

Games aren’t that bad

This one is a debatable topic. Some people say that games can make you addicted. On the other hand, some people say that games can excite you. Both arguments are correct, though.

To sum up, I could say that games aren’t that bad. It can stay you away from boredom. But make sure you don’t get addicted to it.

Sleep is the last move

Last but not least, sleeping is the most suitable way to release that boredom. Sleeping could relax your body and mind. So, why don’t you try to sleep?

These nine things are what I commonly do when I’m bored. Everyone must have their way to handle boredom. You can imitate mine either you can adjust with yours. The main point is you have to do something when you’re bored. Don’t let your mind be empty.

That’s all from me, P-assengers. Thank me later. Have a great day!


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