Tips for Managing Your Personal Finances During the Corona Outbreak

Hi, P-assengers! How have you been lately? Must be bored, huh, just sitting down at home? PIDAS brings you an interesting new article, so that you won’t get bored anymore. Happy reading!

P-assengers, who’s getting more and more sick because of the COVID-19 Pandemic? You must be aware that this virus really destroys the world economy. This time, PIDAS want to share some tips for all of us about how to manage our money properly amidst this COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Record Your Income and Expenditure

The first tips that PIDAS want to share is to record your income and expenditure. If there’s a clear bookkeeping, we can ensure that our expenses and income are balanced. Don’t let our expenses swollen up, P-assengers!

  1. Decide Your Priority

In this pandemic, carelessness in spending your money is absolutely not acceptable, P-assengers. To avoid swelling expenses, a priority scale must be made. P-assengers must be aware which needs are more important. Make sure your basic needs are prioritized, then the rest can be used to buy things that P-assengers want.

  1. Save Your Money

The remaining money that is not used to purchase items on a priority scale can be saved, P-assengers. In the middle of a pandemic, it’s important to set aside funds for unexpected things, P-assengers

  1. Find Sources of Additional Income

Let’s be productive! A lot of free time in PJJ and WFH can be useful if you produce some products that can be sold as an additional source of income. The money can be used to buy items that P-assengers want and the rest can be saved for the future!

  1. Watch Out the Prices

Who’s addicted to buy goods on the online shop platforms? Yap, there’s nothing wrong with helping your friends find another additional sources of income, but P-assengers still have to watch out for the prices. Don’t be such an extravagant, P-assengers. It’s too dangerous!

How is it, P-assengers? Interesting, isn’t it? Those are five tips to manage your money during this pandemic. Hope it helps you, P-assengers! See you on our next article!

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